So with one week to go until the world’s attention settles on Ireland and the historic decision we have to make as a country, here’s a thought for the employers of Ireland.

You keep saying that you want the brightest, smartest people to work for you. You want people of character, who’ll take responsibility for their actions, who’ll stand up for their opinions. You want thinkers who act, do-ers with ideas. You want people who aren’t afraid to fight their corner. Most of all you want people who engage and are part of the solution, instead of sitting back and being part of the problem. Those are the sort of people you want working for you right?

So next Friday, make a special effort to accommodate your people in their efforts to democratically cast their vote. Don’t rig it so next Friday is the busiest day they’ve had all year, maybe accommodate those who want to vote early, vote at lunchtime, or leave work early to vote, whatever it takes. Don’t force them into the bottleneck of voting after work which is the danger zone. For people who need to travel home to vote consider letting them work from home for just one day (we do all the time here at and its never done anything except improve productivity). Encourage your people to vote, it’s what responsible people do.

It’s just one day but its the most important one in a generation. It’s the tipping point for Ireland, where hopefully we rise to the top of global opinion as a modern, democratic country where despite the hardships of our history, despite the asskicking recession we’ve come though and regardless of the challenges ahead, we recognise one truth over all – you just don’t interfere with love, if two people find happiness then let them be happy, without any terms and conditions applying. For the record that doesn’t make us a ‘forward thinking country’, it just means we finally recognise the oldest truth in the world – all you need is love (sorry Beatles)

Decisions are made by those who show up, make sure your people do.

DC has led growth and marketing at some amazing Irish companies like @teamwork and @trustev. He’s passionate about helping people start their own businesses. In his not so spare time, he’s helped over 80 startups across the globe get started, get funded and get noticed. He’s the co-founder of BUILTINCORK, a community initiative to help Cork technology, digital and e-commerce startups start locally but grow globally.

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